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PVCC 2021-2022 College Catalog 
PVCC 2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Support Services

Admissions and Advising Center

The Admissions and Advising Center is the main office on campus to assist new and current students with their academic advising needs. The center consists of both student services staff and teaching faculty advisors. Staff members in the center help new students to complete an admission application online; to select a program of study and build a course schedule; to learn about financial aid, placement testing, and other services that may be required to get started at PVCC; and to connect with college resources that will help them succeed. Staff members help current students to stay on track with their current program of study, to select the appropriate courses each semester that meet graduation requirements, to learn about transfer requirements of four-year colleges and universities, and to explore other degree/certificate options or change their program of study.

The Admissions and Advising Center also refers students to appropriate contacts at PVCC to help with academic success, interpersonal advising, disability services/accommodations, and career counseling. If students have any questions regarding college processes such as transfer credit evaluation, adding/dropping from courses, applying for graduation, and requesting official student transcripts, the Admissions and Advising Center can assist them with understanding what steps to take.

Requests for information pertaining to the topics mentioned above may be addressed to:

Admissions and Advising Center
Piedmont Virginia Community College
501 College Drive
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902-7589

Information may also be obtained in person, by telephone, or by e-mail. The center is located in the Main Building in Room M144. For hours and other information, visit, call 434.961.6551, or email

Career Services

The Office of Career Services offers a comprehensive program to help students realize their academic and career goals through career assessment and exploration activities. Career Services assists students in better understanding their strengths, interests, personality, values and skills in relation to potential career options and programs of study offered at PVCC.

In addition, Career Services assists students with preparing for the workforce by developing job seeking skills and participating in experiential learning activities to complement their program of study. Whether the student is seeking an internship, work study opportunity, or a job, Career Services can help them connect with area businesses. Career Services provides various job search resources including College central Network, where students can post their résumé and search for employment opportunities; annual job fairs and on-campus recruiting opportunities; mock interview sessions; job preparation workshops; and special events.

Career Services is in the Main Building, Rooms M128 and M129. The Office of Career Services at PVCC is committed to partnering with students as they strive to realize their dreams and become productive, successful citizens and workforce contributors. For more information visit, call 434.961.5336 or e-mail

Disability Services

Piedmont Virginia Community College is dedicated to the belief that individuals should have equal opportunity to develop and extend their skills and knowledge. The college strives to maintain a barrier-free environment and will provide appropriate support services necessary to ensure access to educational programs. Consistent with this philosophy and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, we encourage persons with disabilities to communicate their special needs and utilize available resources.

Appropriate reasonable accommodations and services are determined by the disability services counselor in consultation with the student and based on the information provided in the documentation.

Services may include tutors and academic coaches, audio textbooks, assistive technology, interpreters, test accommodations, and academic advising.

The counselor is available to consult with the diagnostician regarding requirements for specific disabilities.

All documentation is confidential and should be submitted directly to Susan Hannifan, disability services counselor. For further information contact Susan Hannifan, disability services counselor, at 434.961.5281 or e-mail

First Year Program: SDV 100

Providing a comprehensive orientation program is central to PVCC’s mission and acts as a catalyst to engage, educate, and empower students. SDV 100: College Success Skills is a one-credit course required in all degree programs. The SDV course is designed to meet the needs/expectations of both recent high school graduates as well as adults returning to college. SDV helps college-level students thrive and gain academic momentum towards their transfer and career goals. Students are encouraged to enroll in an orientation course that matches their age, academic or career goals, and life experiences. All new students are required to take a SDV course in their first semester of college, when it is most meaningful.

If a student has earned an associate degree or a higher degree or has transferred in a similar course from an accredited college or university, the SDV course requirement may be waived. For additional information regarding the First Year Program, contact Todd Parks, at 434.961.6524 or e-mail

Student Success Office

The college offers a variety of services and resources to help students who are experiencing academic difficulty. Student success advisors meet with students to discuss the difficulties ad examine solutions including coping strategies, internal and external resources, suggest learning strategies, discuss priority management techniques, and provide a supportive and nurturing voice for those needing extra encouragement. Faculty members refer students to the student success advisors if they are struggling in the classroom.

Faculty refer students electronically who are experiencing academic difficulties; students who exhibit disruptive classroom behavior, students who have excessive absences, or students who have personal problems that impede their ability to succeed in the classroom setting.

The Student Success Office also supports students through a structured text communication program.  Students receive texts throughout the semester for support in a variety of areas including connecting with PVCC resources, course registration assistance, and specialized information on student progress.  This two-way text program gives students a place to connect and share concerns.  

For additional information about student success services, contact David Lerman, Director Student Success and Retention, at 434.961.5264 or e-mail

Betty Sue Jessup Library

The Betty Sue Jessup Library was named in memory of a Charlottesville woman who was known for her care and concern for area residents. It was formally named and dedicated in a ceremony held September 11, 1991.

Jessup Library has comfortable and attractive areas for studying, reading, and research. Reference librarians are available for assistance in person, through email (, and via telephone (434.961.5309), when the library is open. A live-chat service is available 24/7 (see the library’s home page at The library offers research instruction sessions to face-to-face classes at all sites, and an embedded librarian option available through Canvas, for both face-to-face and online classes.

The library collection consists of approximately 20,814 books, 450,000+ eBooks, eight print periodicals, and 244 audiovisual units, including DVDs. Jessup Library has access to thousands of full-text e-journals and over 120 databases such as EBSCO, CQ Researcher, and Literature Resource center. These databases have restrictions that require the college to limit access to students, faculty and staff of PVCC. Access to these databases is available both on and off campus. Instructions for remote access and a list of all electronic databases can be found on the library’s home page

Books from the circulating collection may be checked out for 28 days. Materials may be renewed twice until the end of the semester unless another user requests a specific item. Periodicals may be checked out for one week and renewed once. Videos may be checked out to students and community members for use only within the library. Materials not owned by the library may be borrowed from other institutions of higher education in Virginia. This interlibrary loan service is offered to faculty, staff, and all currently enrolled students.

Students are not charged overdue fines for library books. If a student does not return materials upon notification or by the end of the semester, the student will not be allowed to register in the college for another term and will not be issued grades and transcripts. Borrowers who do not return materials within 30 days after the end of a semester will receive a letter explaining the legal obligation of the borrower to return the overdue library materials or to make arrangements to clear their library records.

A borrower who loses library materials shall be charged the cost to replace the item. A minimum charge of $50 for books no longer in print shall be charged.

Reserve materials are placed in the reserve collection by faculty for their students and are circulated within the library or for a period of time less than the regular loan period.

Academic Support Services

PVCC provides robust academic support services, including tutoring in most subjects and academic coaching at no additional cost. Students who want to improve their grades, learn more efficiently, and get help in challenging subjects may take advantage academic coaching, tutoring, and workshops on campus and online. Click Academic Support Services to learn more about academic coaching, tutoring, workshops, and other support services. Students can drop in for academic support or use Navigate Student to make an appointment online. 

Testing Center. The Testing Center (M607 Main Building) proctors placement tests, make-up tests, and tests for online courses. Most students do not need to take a placement test, but some students may be required to complete a placement test to ensure proper course placement. Instructors can arrange testing in the center for students receiving accommodations and students needing to make up an exam. The Testing Center also has computers available for testing for web-based courses, both from PVCC and other colleges. Click Testing Center or call 434.961.5320 for more information. 

The First Quadrant Math Center. The First Quadrant Math Center (M253 Main Building) is staffed by trained tutors and supports students enrolled in most PVCC math courses as well as many business, computer science, and science courses. Drop-in tutoring is encouraged, but appointments can be scheduled in Navigate Student. Click First Quadrant Math Center or call 434.961.5284 for more information. 

The Writing Center. The Writing Center (617 Main Building) provides support for writing in any course at PVCC, as well as tutoring in many humanities and social science courses, Spanish and other languages. To support English-language learners, the center also hosts weekly English Conversation Circles. The Writing Center is staffed by trained tutors and offers instructional handouts and videos on its website. Writing tutoring is available on a drop-in basis or by appointment. Appointments can be scheduled in Navigate Student. Click Writing Center or call 434.961.5499 for more information.