Catalog: PVCC 2022-2023 College Catalog

Web Technologies (CSC)

Career Studies Certificate
Code: 221-352-04

Purpose: This career studies certificate provides the student with the aesthetic, technical and management knowledge required for the creation and management of well-designed and well-organized Web sites. This career studies certificate also prepares the student for the CIW Associate Certification and the CIW Associate Design Specialist Certification.

Occupational Objectives: Students will gain skills in Web site creation, web page design and other skills that will allow them to utilize these skills for fun or profit.

Admission Requirements: In addition to admission to the College, there are specific admission requirements for this program. The student needs to have taken ITE 119 or ITE 120 or passed one of the corresponding credit-by-exams. Advanced students who have completed college-level computing courses and/or have work experience in a computer-related field may have beginning-level computer courses waived, if approved by the dean of the Division of Business, Mathematics and Technologies. The approval process may include a passing score on a credit-by-exam.

Required Courses

Course NameCreditsTerm TakenGrade
ART 131 - Two-Dimensional Design Credits: 3
ART 180 - Introduction to Computer Graphics Credits: 3
ITD 110 - Web Page Design I Credits: 3
ITD 210 - Web Page Design II Credits: 3
ITD 132 - Structure Query Language Credits: 3

Total minimum credits : 15