Catalog: PVCC 2022-2023 College Catalog

Mammography (CSC)

Career Studies Certificate

Purpose: This certificate prepares students to be entry-level Mammographers.

Occupational Objectives: Successful graduates will be prepared to operate breast imaging equipment in healthcare facilities to create diagnostic images. Successful completers will sit for the Registered Mammographer certification exam through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)

Admission Requirements: In addition to admission to the college, students must also meet eligibility requirements specific to this program, and only a limited number of students are admitted into a given cohort.  If there are more applicants during a cycle than there are available positions in the cohort, eligible applicants will be ranked according to specific criteria and students are admitted or deferred according to that rank. Please see the Career Studies Certificate, Mammography Admissions Information Book, Fall 2022 Cycle for program requirements, minimum eligibility requirements, applicant ranking criteria, and other important information for prospective students.

Required Courses

Course NameCreditsTerm TakenGrade
RAD 195 - Topics in Radiography - Mammography Clinical Credits: 5
RAD 233 - Anatomy and Positioning of the Breast Credits: 1
RAD 234 - Breast Imaging/Instrumentation Credits: 1
RAD 235 - Quality Assurance in Mammography Credits: 1
RAD 249 - Comprehensive Foundations of Breast Imaging Credits: 3
RAD 252 - Foundational Mammography Clinical Training Credits: 1

Total minimum credits: 12