Catalog: PVCC 2022-2023 College Catalog

Accounting (AAS)

Associate of Applied Science Degree
Code: 203
Not designed as a Transfer Program

Purpose: This degree is designed for those who seek employment in accounting positions.

Program Information: Individuals who are seeking their first accounting-related position or those presently in the field who are seeking additional knowledge and skills may benefit from this program.

Occupational Objectives: Career development for individuals seeking positions such as accounting technician, junior accountant, or accounting trainee. Possible job titles include accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk, auditor in the hospitality industry, and other entry-level positions requiring accounting skills. The skills may also be useful for those in retail management and entrepreneurs who wish to better manage their cash flows and financial planning.

Graduation Requirements: Students entering the Accounting associate degree program are required to take one Writing Intensive Course (WIC), which has a prerequisite of ENG 111 and ENG 112, in order to graduate. The WIC for this program is BUS 200. Students who are awarded transfer credit for this course from another institution may fulfill the WIC requirement for this degree program by completing another WIC.

Students in all degree programs are required to take at least one Civic Engagement (CE) course to graduate.

Required Courses

Course NameCreditsTerm TakenGrade
SDV 100 - College Success Skills Credits: 1
ENG 111 - College Composition I Credits: 3
ENG 112 - College Composition II Credits: 3
ACC 211 - Principles of Accounting I Credits: 3
ACC 213 - Principles of Accounting Laboratory I Credits: 1
ACC 212 - Principles of Accounting II Credits: 3
ACC 214 - Principles of Accounting Laboratory II Credits: 1
ACC 221 - Intermediate Accounting I Credits: 3
ACC 222 - Intermediate Accounting II Credits: 3
ACC 231 - Cost Accounting I Credits: 3
ACC 261 - Principles of Federal Taxation I Credits: 3
ACC 290 - Coordinated Internship in Accounting Credits: 3
BUS 100 - Introduction to Business Credits: 3
BUS 200 - Principles of Management Credits: 3
BUS 220 - Introduction to Business Statistics Credits: 3
BUS 241 - Business Law I Credits: 3
ITE 120 - Principles of Information Systems Credits: 3
ITE 215 - Advanced Computer Applications and Integration Credits: 4
MTH 154 - Quantitative Reasoning Credits: 3
ECO 201 - Principles of Macroeconomics or ECO 202 - Principles of Microeconomics    Credits: 3
FIN 215 - Financial Management Credits: 3
___ ___ - Social Science Elective Credits: 3
___ ___ - Humanities Elective Credits: 3

Total Minimum Credits: 64

Students may substitute a higher-level math course in place of MTH 154 and substitute MTH 245 in place of BUS 220 

A list of courses that fulfills the requirements for the Humanities and Social Science Electives can be found on the Transfer Course Electives page. 

Introductory (101 or 102 level) foreign language courses will not meet the humanities elective requirement for this program.