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PVCC 2023-2024 College Catalog 
PVCC 2023-2024 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduation Requirements

The requirements for graduation are listed below; however, students are strongly encouraged to print out the curriculum sheet for their program of study, check off the completed courses, and meet with an academic advisor prior to submitting an Application for Graduation. Consulting with an academic advisor at least a semester in advance of graduation, allows the opportunity of making necessary course adjustments or attending to particular academic concerns in a timely manner.

Students are encouraged to submit a completed Graduation Application online by the deadline posted on the PVCC website to ensure they have met all graduation requirements.

To be awarded an associate degree, a student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Fulfilled all the course and credit-hour requirements of the degree or certificate curriculum with all applicable courses at the 100 level or above and 25 percent of the credits acquired at PVCC;
  2. Earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 plan GPA in all studies attempted which are applicable toward graduation in the curriculum;
  3. Resolved all financial obligations to the college and returned all library and college materials;
  4. Complete the PVCC Graduate Exit Survey and any required Graduate Exit Assessments.

Students who have not completed all their coursework for their degree at the conclusion of the spring semester may participate in graduation ceremonies for the spring semester provided they have:

  1. Completed all but six (6) credit hours (or less) of their degree program as determined by the final graduation check.
  2. Students will receive their diplomas after degree requirements are completed, approximately six weeks after the end of the summer term.

Assessment Requirements for Graduation

Prior to graduation, students are required to complete one or more tests, surveys, questionnaires, projects, capstone courses or other activities designed to assess general education achievement, achievement in selected major areas, and/or other aspects of their education at PVCC. Students will be notified of required assessments in the semester in which they file an application to graduate. Results of these assessments will be kept confidential and will be used for evaluating and improving college programs and services. Individual assessment scores will not affect graduation status.

Honors at Graduation

PVCC graduates who achieve high cumulative grade point averages and those who participate in the Honors Program receive special recognition on their diplomas. Also, the achievements are noted on their PVCC transcripts.

GPA-Based Honors. Students who have fulfilled the requirements of degree or certificate programs (with the exception of career studies certificates) are eligible for graduate honors. Appropriate honors based upon a student’s cumulative grade point average are awarded as follows:

Summa cum laude (with highest honor) = minimum 3.8 cumulative grade point average

Magna cum laude (with high honor) = minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point average

Cum laude (with honor) = minimum 3.2 cumulative grade point average

Honors Program Graduates. To graduate with honors under PVCC’s Honors Program, students must complete their regular degree requirements including a transfer math course in their curriculum (this does not have to be an honors class), complete a total of 15 credit hours of honors classes (marked with a 77 section number) and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Awarding of Multiple Degrees

Students who complete requirements for multiple majors or specializations in one program will receive only one degree. Upon request to the Admissions and Advising Center, they will have all of their completed majors recognized on their official college transcript with the appropriate degree appearing on their diploma.

In awarding students an additional degree, diploma, certificate, or career studies certificate, the college may grant credit for all completed applicable courses which are requirements of the additional degree, diploma, certificate, or career studies certificate. However, the awards must differ from one another by at least 25 percent of the credits.

Diploma Reorder Policy

A $10 replacement fee will be charged for all diploma reorders resulting from anything other than a PVCC error. This would include student name change, if different from original completed graduation application, and lost or misplaced diplomas.

Diploma reorder forms are available online and from the Admissions and Advising Center and Cashier’s Office.